Thomas Giesen,
Master goldsmith

In my search for a new ring form, it was the oval shape, which stood out most brightly.

After all, the oval offers everything a ring requires: a soft, individual and instantly recognizable shape, one that is extravagant without being excessive.

Familiar shapes are important. They soothe us. They make us receptive to embracing a newly designed product. The oval is a shape the eye knows well – just in a different context.

Should you choose to work with a new ring form, sooner or later shape will clash with function and eventually must defer to it. It is no different in this particular case.

Design Concept

With cliccmi, variability is the focus; change through interplay with color. Indeed, it is this very interplay with color, whether for the sake of harmony or complementary contrast, that characterizes cliccmi. It then falls to me to define the impact of the jewelry. I can alter its voice from harmonious – for instance, a brown ring with a brown ball – to fashionable – say, a brown ring with a light-blue ball – to elegant – a brown ring with a golden ball.

The ball as a means to an end

The spherical shape was deliberately chosen for its strength and perfection. Yet, in this case, the ball is merely the bearer of color.

The composition as an expression of mood

The ring itself remains constant at any one time. However, its impact as an expression of the wearer’s state of mind changes tremendously with any manipulation of the ball’s color.

cliccmi - Variationen

The joy of a message

At all times, cliccmi expresses something of the wearer’s self. In choosing a cliccmi ring, the joy of conveying a message without words is readily articulated.

The certainty that individuality can afford

To begin your journey with cliccmi is to feel wonderful. And not simply because it renders you unique.


From the very beginning, my desire was to combine high quality material with modern, flexible design. I ultimately selected an acrylic abounding in color and quality: Satinice by Evonik. The material is dimensionally very stable and offers excellent processing characteristics not to mention a high degree of comfort for the wearer.

Since the changeable component – the ball – had to be of an even higher quality, my initial idea was to use precious stones; after all, the beauty and rarity of these objects are so compelling. What’s more, such stones are said to possess energizing, even healing powers. As such, this initial instinct proved an excellent choice. My search for further materials of adequate caliber also led me to gold, silver and pearls – all materials that mankind has always coveted for their enchanting powers and charisma.

Size Chart

Our table will help you find the right size so that your new cliccmi also fits.

cliccmi rings are available in 7 sizes, which cover all common ring sizes. The ball opening in the ring brings a tolerance with it. So you don’t necessarily need to have your exact ring gauge, an approximate size is sufficient!

Size Inside diameter in mm Inner circumference / DE ring size JP ring size US ring size

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